System highlights
  • Fully modularized, mobile and customizable solution

  • Stand-alone facility

  • Wide range of production

       - Up to 40% water cut
       - 30 to 1,500 GLR

  • Scalable in ~5,000 BLPD

  • Additional options/add-ons:

       - Sand/solids handling

       - Heating and treating

       - Produced water disposal or water flood

New to Alaska, but not the industry

Similar production systems have been successfully used in the Lower 48, and worldwide, since the 1990s. Kairos has taken this proven technology and re-designed it for Arctic conditions. This makes MAPS an ideal solution for economic oil production by owners/operators.

Proven technology with Arctic capabilities

The modules are an integrated system that can be configured easily for a wide range of hydrocarbon compositions, pressures, temperatures, and desired fluid-output quality. At minimum, they have the ability to separate gas from produced liquid—or at the opposite end of the spectrum, produce sales-quality crude.

Innovation on a budget

MAPS uses a "design once, build many" approach that provides proven dependability and reduced costs. It can be built more quickly than conventional design-fabricate-build projects. MAPS is designed to be installed and online in a fraction of the time needed for a traditional drill site.

Cost savings
  • Patented lease-based system

  • Reduces capital investment

  • Provides an opportunity for a high rate of return

  • Allows elimination of deferral of high-cost flowlines and power lines

  • Allows opportunity for elimination or deferral of infrastructure upgrades

  • Minimizes decommissioning costs​

  • Allows for early oil production prior to full project development

  • Reduces risk by allowing reservoir assessment with reduced financial exposure

  • Allows commercial development of marginal fields

Basic Process
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